In 2014, I have stumbled upon dot artwork of a Japanese artist, that same day I was overwhelmed by the drawings of extreme, under microscope magnified ( chaos branch of science come to life ), organic life forms. I could say, that was the beginning of self discovery and i would be wrong, it was yet another dot connecting the lines of my path that lead me to be an artist i am today.  I came back home from a trip to east coast later that month and picked up a shipment of to a stack of 20"x30" black and white prints, waiting  to be delivered to a client for residential project ( back and white photos I had been capturing since 2006). Along with markers and gel pens I have purchased on a whim.  Some of these photographs never made it to  a client and had to be reordered. These original prints were given a new life. A life of mixed media. The first dot was put in place and the rest is history...

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